Man vs. Machine: The New Ethics of Cybersecurity

“Leonhard’s proposed manifesto focuses on five specific human rights that he believes could be endangered if we don’t have an ethical framework by which to guide us. These are:

1. The right to remain natural ,i.e., biological. This means we can be employed, use public services, buy things and function in society without a requirement to deploy technology on or inside our bodies.

2. The right to be inefficient if and where it defines our basic humanities. We must be able to make the choice to be slower than technology and not make efficiency more important than humanity.

3. The right to disconnect. We must retain the right to switch off connectivity, go dark on the network and pause communications, tracking and monitoring.

4. The right to be anonymous. We must retain the option of not being identified and tracked, such as when using a digital application or platform when it doesn’t pose a risk or impose itself on others.

5. The right to employ or involve people instead of machines. We should not allow companies or employers to be disadvantaged if they choose to use people instead of machines—even if it’s more expensive and less efficient.”

Man vs. Machine: The New Ethics of Cybersecurity
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