The future of artificial intelligence depends on human wisdom - some good AI stats

“Where the physical and intellectual capacities of humans are inherently limited, AI has the potential to add to that reservoir of capacity to improve lives.

Then, of course, there is the money. As a result of AI, it is projected that global GDP would increase by up to 14 percent in 2030, an estimated increase of $15.7 trillion, with the greatest gains to come in China (26 percent increase in GDP) and the U.S. (14 percent increase in GDP). Gartner predicts that by 2020, almost all new software will contain AI elements.

Huge amounts are already being invested by businesses that seek the efficiency gains and outsized accomplishments AI promises. Venture capital investment in AI startups grew 463 percent from 2012-2017. A McKinsey report noted that global demand for data scientists has exceeded supply by over 50 percent in 2018 alone. They are so coveted that some Chinese companies are reportedly hiring senior machine learning researchers with salaries above $500,000. According to Mark Cuban, by 2017 Google had incorporated AI into its business model and generated $9 billion more as a result and Cuban also posited that the world’s first trillionaire would stem from the AI field.”

The future of artificial intelligence depends on human wisdom
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