Meet me in Bucharest June 10!!

Technology, humanity, society and ethics: A look at the next 10 years

Understanding the future and developing foresights is becoming mission-critical. Join us for this groundbreaking session where Gerd will introduce the most important things we must know about the etfuture, today, such as the decline of the oil and fossile fuel economy, the end of routine work (and why that's not the end of work),  the newly emerging opportunities caused by industry convergence, automation vs globalization, tomorrow’s ethics, a new economic system, the future of Europe and much more. 
The future is better than we think - we just need to govern it wisely.

Keynote Speaker: Gerd Leonhard - Futurist | Author | Speaker | CEO - TheFuturesAgency
Guest Speaker: Peter Vander Auwera - Content Curator Digital Ethics | Speaker | Sensemaker